Community Service Day at Mary’s Place

Northgate office community Service day at marys place


This year for community service day we were excited to partner again with Mary’s Place. We love working with Mary’s Place and being able to give back to a local Non-Profit. We had the opportunity to work at two different locations this year the Shoreline location we had visited in 2018, and the North Seattle Family Center for the first time.



A small group of volunteers went to the Shoreline location to do a good sprucing up. Volunteers washed and cleaned the front living spaces, as well as deep cleaning the kitchen. They also re-organized and sorted food.



Northgate office Volunteering at Marys Place

Our second group of volunteers were at the North Seattle Family Center, and organized donations and cleaned the outside of the location. This Mary’s place location takes clothing donations for families so we split up and a group of volunteers were inside re-organizing all of the clothing donations. The other group was working outside weeding and maintaining the outside of the property. We even decided to make a fun video of us planting some weeds!!


We had a great day learning all about Mary’s Place, there different locations, and how each one provides services specific to the communities needs in that area. We even got to chat with people at the location about there experiences and had passers by stop and thank us for our service.



If you would like to learn more about Mary’s Place click on their logo above or go to





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30 Years of Giving

30 years of Giving with the Windermere Foundation


I have been working at Windermere for about 5 years and have been so proud to work with a company and coworkers who are dedicated to giving back to our community. For every home sold our brokers give to the Windermere Foundation and those funds are used for grants, community events, and drives to give back to the local areas we live and work in.  Below is an article from our Windermere Foundation about all we have been able to accomplish so far.

-Kiley Koehler | Northgate Office



Giving back has always been a big part of who we are at Windermere. In the early days of our company, it was pretty simple; we would see a need and help any way we could. But as we grew, we realized we could accomplish much more if we had a common purpose. That’s how the Windermere Foundation was born.


A big idea

We started with an idea that would give every Windermere agent the ability to make a difference. Housing is our business, so helping homeless families seemed like a natural fit. We later expanded that to include low-income families, with an emphasis on helping children.


Every time a home is sold

For the past 30 years, a portion of every Windermere agent’s commission has been donated to the Windermere Foundation. Having 100% participation gives us a common purpose and sends a powerful message about our commitment to the community.


Who we help

Last year alone we provided funding to more than 500 organizations throughout the Western U.S. Homeless shelters, food banks, schools, hospitals, community centers, parks; the list goes on. The main thing that they all have in common is a deep devotion to helping our neighbors in need.


How we help

Our agents have proven time and time again how committed they are to making their communities a better place to live. Their generosity funds backpacks full of food so school kids don’t go hungry on the weekends. They help keep families in their homes by covering housing costs. And their donations make sure the homeless are getting their most basic needs met, and the dignity that goes with it.


Thank you

If at any point during the past 30 years you’ve bought or sold a home using a Windermere agent, you are a part of the Windermere Foundation too, and you’ve helped make a positive difference in your community. And for that, we thank you on behalf of everyone at Windermere.


If you would like to learn more about the Windermere Foundation, please visit





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3rd Annual Putt Putt Championship

Northgate Putt Putt championship 2018 header


2018 was the year of our third annual putt-putt golf championship. This is one of our favorite events to hold at the office and 2018 was our best yet!



Northgate Putt Putt 2018 Poster & staff hobbit costume

We love to encourage the agents and staff to dress up for our Halloween themed putt-putt course and we were not disappointed this year. The staff went all out dressing up as characters from The Hobbit, and we had a surprise appearance from Pikachu, who had to catch up on some emails before he golfed.



Every year we try to add some new features to make the golf course new and exciting each year for agents. This year we tried to spook things up even more by adding a haunted windmill for people to play through. We had quite a few agents participate, and had a stiff competition this year! But we had a new winner this year with Winston McClanahan being the 3rd Annual Putt-Putt Champion!




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Shredding & Recycling Event

Shredding & Recycling Event Header


If you put off your spring cleaning till fall, or you are just in the mood to de-clutter your home; our Northgate office is here for you! Every fall we use our office raised funds to pay for a free community event, The Recycling & Shredding event.



For half of the morning we hire Interconnections to bring out a large van to collect  electronics you would like to recycle. They take almost everything so we accept any of your old, broken, or unwanted appliances and dodads. Interconnection is a Seattle based organization that refurbish donated technology and then donate or sell to low income families.  They’re goal is to create opportunity through access to technology. Also they personally guarantee that any personal information left on your devices will be wiped! 



To fill up our parking lot even more, we also hired Confidential Data Disposal to come shred boxes and boxes of paper for three straight hours. That truck was loud but it was pretty cool process to watch as you fill up the can and see the arm of the truck pick, lift, and flip all that paper into a giant shredder.  It defiantly was a great opportunity to get rid of any boxes of taxes, personal documents or large amounts of paper you have no need for. Offering a secure and safe way to make sure your documents are shredded right before your eyes.



The whole morning went off  really great, with only a few traffic snafus. We had a great turn out and loved reconnecting with those in our community over coffee and snacks. Hope to see you all again next year for the next Shredding and Recycling event!


Northgate Shred & recycle event images




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Summer Splash

Northgate office at Summer Splash


While we have several parent/child teams throughout our Windermere office, most children don’t find Real Estate to be as riveting as their parental counterparts. Luckily for them, Windermere puts on an exciting event every summer to keep those kids engaged: Summer Splash, held at Greenlake and open to the public, is a rousing time full of games, prizes, food, performances, and more!



Pop a shot sign at Summer Splash

Windermere partners with Seattle Parks & Recreation to host this amazing event annually, and it’s an absolute hit for everyone. Each office creates an interactive booth for kids to win prizes, swag, or create arts & crafts. Our office tends to repeat our winning booth, Pop-A-Shot, with kids going head-to-head in a chance for the ultimate prize: the coveted basketball whistle, a stunning plastic toy unlike the other 500 we received in the bulk order. Aside from our personal popularity, Summer Splash boasts the impressive Crew Races on the lake, kayaking, paddle boarding and this year even showcased a dog walk to gloat your perfect pup.



Our broker Dan Dittmann is a frequent host of our Pop-A-Shot booth, bringing smiles and laughter to everyone who participates – he’s a wonderfully positive presence that we are grateful to have. We love the energy this event brings, and we also love meeting the brokers & their families of our neighboring offices. The performances need to be raved about as well; they include magic shows, singing, cultural dances, science experiments, and then some. It truly is a lively experience we all love to look forward to, and if you’ve ever wanted to pick out a unique rubber duck and race the others using a squirt gun, then this is the event for you! 


Images from summer splash event 2018




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Community Service Day at Mary’s Place

Northgate office cleaning & gardening at Mary's Place


For Community Service Day we were excited to partner with Mary’s Place for the first time. They had recently acquired a new location in Shoreline to be used as a day center for families. Our mission was to give this building some much needed love to make it feel more inviting.



Our team came with all our gloves and back hoes and grit to spare. We had a group working on the inside of the building doing a deep clean of the whole location! And the rest of us where outside cleaning and converting the parking lot to a safe and clean play area for the kids. We weeded the front of the area but it looked too sparse. Luckily we were close to both a Home Depot and Lowes so we had a group do a run to get some flowers and greenery to make the place beautiful.



For our last project of the day we put our muscle to work to create some large flower beds. This was to create a functional and pretty barrier in the parking lot so the kids play area was away from any traffic and they always would have a safe zone to be in. They turned out really great and I especially loved the lavender that was planted in them.



We were so happy to make this place feel a little more fun and comfortable place for our community to enjoy. If you would like to learn more about Mary’s Place click on their logo above or go to


Northgate Office volunteering at Mary's Place




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The Windermere Cup

Collage of Images from Windermere Cup 2018


On a hot May morning, with a fresh cup of coffee in my hands, I made my way down to the Montlake Cut. I had never been to the Windermere Cup before, but hearing all about it at the office, I jumped at the chance to volunteer.


After wandering around the shoreline, passing groups of other early raisers caring there blankets and chairs; I found the seas of tents and booths. I helped finish setting up the Windermere swag booth and took armfuls of free flags, sporting the Windermere Cup logo. For the next few hours I was flag girl, passing out flags to everyone I met, answering questions and giving directions. Once my job was done I met with some friends and we got some scones and watched the race. It was a fun and exciting event. Below is an article with more information about this event.

-Kiley Koehler | Northgate Office



On May 5 the Montlake Cut will play host once again to the Windermere Cup rowing regatta. For the past 32 years, Windermere Real Estate and the University of Washington have joined together to host this event, which brings the world’s best crews to Seattle to compete against the perennially acclaimed UW men’s and women’s teams. Held annually on the first Saturday in May, the Windermere Cup is both an international sporting event and opening day party, followed by the world’s largest boat parade.


The races will be headlined by four of the strongest crews in the world. On the men’s side, UW Rowing will be opposed by two strong squads. Oxford Brookes University is the defending collegiate champion in Great Britain, and the University of British Columbia holds the most recent collegiate title in Canada. Both will oppose a Washington men’s crew that has been the most dominant program of the decade in the United States and missed out on a national championship by less than a tenth of a second in 2017. The reigning national champion UW women will be opposed by the Dutch national team, which recently placed 6th in the world at both the World Championships and the 2016 Olympic Games.


Windermere Cup Mens race 2018

In addition to the 23 crew races throughout the morning, the family-friendly Windermere Cup event also includes food vendors, booths to purchase UW and Windermere Cup apparel and commemorative gear, as well as a bouncy house for the kids. Admission to the event is free.


Windermere Cup App:

The crew races start at 10 am and end around noon. Following the final Windermere Cup race is the Seattle Yacht Club’s Opening Day Boat Parade. Download the Windermere Cup App by downloading Attendee Hub, available on the App Store for both Android and iOS. There you can access schedule and team information, event details, and more! For live race results:


Windermere Party on the Cut:

This year’s pre-race Party on the Cut will take place Friday, May 4th, from 6 PM to 10 PM. Join us on the Montlake Cut for an evening of live music, lawn games, and food and drinks. $25 gets you into the beer garden where you can hear live performances by Groove Surfers, Brian DiJulio & the Love Jacks, and Spike & the Impalers. Kids get in for just $10, and tickets can be found through Brown Paper Tickets.


Windermere Cup Book:

This book is about the athletes, colorful characters, and brilliant people the Windermere Cup rowing regatta has featured every first Saturday in May since 1987. Through interviews, original documents and pages upon pages of breathtaking photographs, author Gregg Bell captures this event’s more than 30 remarkable years, its spirit and its soul.

The Windermere Cup is a touchstone for our company, our family of offices and agents, and the University of Washington. Not only is this an international sporting event, it’s a celebration of camaraderie, teamwork, and community – and truly great tradition that we are honored to be a part of.


For more information please visit and follow us at and @WindermereCup on Twitter.



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The Remodel

Northgate office remodel Header


We had vibrant red accent walls. We had tired, creaky chairs. We had an unsightly structural pole in the Resource Room that I would frequently walk into while trying to multitask. These minor bumps, plus countless more, prompted our owner OB Jacobi to call for a Remodel of the Northgate Office. It posed a bit of an inconvenience for our brokers – the regularly used computers were gone, our kitchen was ripped apart, the copy machines were piled in the back of the office near working desks, but worst of all – the coffee pot was tucked away in the back corner (gasp!) and we now had to walk several more paces for our morning joe. We even received our first water cooler, and when empty, the office would erupt into a fiery rage of whodunit.


Kidding aside, everyone adapted to our strange new set up with understanding. It added laughs to the conversations when we had to wait for the jackhammer to quiet down between words, and it motivated people to gather around our odd cubicle kitchen and reminisce about a simpler office. Luckily for us, the wait was worth it.


We have a stunning new kitchen with backsplash and under lighting. We have new computers, new copiers, and a brand new Keurig.


We. Have. Shiplap.


But most importantly, we’re all just fortunate we don’t have to wash our mugs in the bathroom anymore.



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The LEGACY Party

Steves Party Header


It’s no surprise that all of our brokers were devastated when Steve Senescall, the Managing Broker at Windermere Northgate for 34 years, announced his departure. As a longtime figure in the Real Estate business and close friend to many, Steve had built a reputation for kindness, care, and compassion. His legacy – a word he loved to roll his eyes to – will forever be a part of the foundation of this truly amazing office. To say our thanks & farewells, we had a beautiful party in his honor, full of wonderful people and valuable memories. We called it “Steve’s Legacy Party”.


One of our brokers, Charlie Cowan, owns the gorgeous Chelsea Station Inn in Greenwood and offered to host. Another broker, Allison Moceri, organized and crowd-funded the catering from Kaspar’s. After all the wine was drank (or spilt) and everyone had mingled, we were blessed with an original song, “Old Broker Blues”, written and performed by broker Dan Dittmann, known in the industry as Sweet Baby James – it led to tears, laughter, and a fleeting moment for us all to look around and appreciate our time together.


We miss seeing Steve on the daily, but are ecstatic that he now has plenty of time to spend with his stunning wife Connie, their children Stephanie & Sean, and his grandkids Dylan, Audrey, Samantha, and Tanner. We miss you, Steve!


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2nd Annual Putt Putt Championship

2nd Annual Putt Putt Party Header


It’s that time of year again…the leaves are falling and there is the smell of competition in the air! It’s the Northgate Putt Putt championship!!


Putt putt Party Poster

We could not have a normal Halloween office party with only costumes or silly hats. We also wanted to raise some money for the Giving Tree and bring back the popular sport of office putt putt. The staff collected boxes and created a total of 9 putt putt holes with homemade obstacles. Some of my favorites where the Castle complete with a draw bridge and heads on spikes (pictured on the right above), a bridge with a tissue paper river, and the cemetery of grave stones. 


The fun did not stop there. Every year our staff chooses a theme for a group costume. Can you guess the theme for this year???


It was Real Estate!!! Our brokers got a real good laugh out of it and Hannah, Holly and I had a great time having them guess what we each were. In the picture above, Holly, on the left, was a new listing; she had her listing sign hat, pictures, and flyers! I am in the middle, and was Earnest money; I sported a money green blouse, large dollar bills, my earnest money forms & a ‘Hi my name is Earnest’ name tag. Hannah, pictured on the left, was a Silent Talker, wearing all black and keeping silent; she dressed in comical silent talkers that could be used for any home.


By the end of our office party we had counted up the strokes and announced Tyler Anderson as the winner of the coveted Putt Putt Trophy and some donated prizes.



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