Community July 21, 2020

Northgate Pedestrian & Bike Bridge Project


Northgate pedestrian bridge constructionThe Northgate Pedestrian & Bike Bridge project reaches a major milestone with the first set of bridge spans being installed on the east side of I-5.

By Fall 2021, people will be able to walk and bike across the Northgate Pedestrian and Bike Bridge, connecting people to thriving neighborhoods, North Seattle College, medical and social services, retail centers, and the new Northgate Link light rail station. The light rail stop is excepted to see about 40,000 riders boarding there daily, making this pedestrian and bike bridge crucial.


This initial bridge span work marks the most visible point of the project yet: two large cranes will be used to lift the prefabricated concrete girders and put them in place.


Installation began yesterday, July 20, and will last until early August. The work is happening along 1st Ave NE between NE 100th St and NE 103rd St, east of I-5 near the new Link light rail station.




These spans make up the portion of the bridge that’s commonly referred to as the “hairpin turn”.


It provides a direct connection for people walking and biking to the Sound Transit Northgate Link light rail mezzanine and continues down to 1st Ave NE where the North Seattle Park & Ride is located.


To access the street-level, bridge users can use an elevator or escalator (via the Northgate Link light rail station) or take the bridge ramp that continues after the “hairpin turn”.


Move-Seattle Levy


The Northgate Pedestrian Bike Bridge is made possible with investment from the voter approved Levy to Move Seattle and other state and local funding.


Upon project completion, the bridge and its connections will improve citywide access for North Seattle College, sports fans visiting the new NHL facility, employers and customers in the Northgate retail center, medical and social service providers, and neighborhood residents.


In addition to decreasing travel times for people walking and biking between the 2 sides of the freeway, the Northgate Pedestrian Bike Bridge will knit together the east and west sides of north Seattle that have been historically divided.


Learn more about the Northgate Pedestrian Bike Bridge and sign up for construction update emails on our website.



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