Fund RaisingOffice Shenanigans June 16, 2016

Northgate office Putt Putt Party

Northgate office Putt Putt Party header


In early June our Office Manager, Shelby, announced that she would be leaving us in a few weeks to go back to school full time. She had been doing classes part time, but had an upcoming trip to Peru for a class and wanted to commit full time to getting her Biology degree. We all are going to miss Shelby, she had worked at our office for 3 years and we all wanted to have a fun going away party in her honor.



Northgate office putt putt party poster

She requested an ice cream social and we jazzed it up with a Putt Putt competition. The layout of our office was the perfect set up to have 9 holes set up in our hallway as it creates a large loop. Many of our brokers are avid golfers and made donations of extra putters, greens, and balls. In Shelby’s honor we added a $5 minimum buy in to the organization of her choice, the YWCA.



Throughout the next few weeks Shelby and I collected boxes from packages sent to our office and put our craft skills to the test.  We created some homemade golf flags, obstacles, and used some extra holiday decorations from storage  It was a modge podge of a course and not up to code, but we all had a fun time playing!


Northgate Office party playing mini golf